Welcome to our humble Website!

We are a family owned and operated Garden Supply shop, Located in the Illinois Valley just a couple miles up Caves Highway. We carry everything you need to help your garden flourish from start to finish! Even though we’re a small town shop, we beat the big shop prices. Some of our customers drive from hours away to visit us. We are happy to offer such products as Age Old Organics, Roots Organics by Aurora Innovations, General Hydroponics, General Organics, Advanced Nutrients, Humboldt Nutrients, House and Garden, Xtreme Gardening, Alaskan Fertilizers, Fox Farm soil and nutrients, Royal Gold soils, MaxSea, Botanicare, BioBizz, Smart Pots, Gro Pro, Sensational Solutions, Nectar for the Gods, Vital Earth, True Liberty bags, Shield n Seal, Down To Earth fertilizers as well as a full line of lighting, fans, environmental controllers, cloners, bagged and bulk soils, vacuum sealers, irrigation supplies, Bamboo and stakes, scissors etc etc etc….Stop in and let us help you get growing!